Station 82

Station 82 is located at 1900 Ashland Road. It serves as the primary response station for all medical emergencies north of US 30. It houses 2 engines, 1 ALS squad and 1 rescue/grass truck. This station was opened in February 2008.

Station 82

1900 Ashland Rd

Mansfield, OH 44905

Phone 419-589-8070

Engine 84 is a 2010 pumper/tanker.  It holds 1800 gallons of water.  It serves as the primary fire and rescue response vehicle at Station 81.  In addition of fire equipment, it carries extrication equipment.

Squad 81 is a 2004 McCoy/Miller ambulance.  It is staffed as an advance life support medical unit.  It is the primary medical response vehicle in the northern half of the township.


Engine 82 is a pumper/tanker.  It holds 1250 gallons of water.  It serves as the secondary fire response vehicle from Station 82.  It is the primary mutual response fire apparatus at this station.



Rescue 81 is a Ford F450 with a tool box and 250 gallon water tank mounted on the bed.  It serves as our wildland fire vehicle.  It is also an EMS response vehicle from Station 82 and is used to tow both Boat 81 and the HAZMAT trailer.