Station 81

2326 Park Ave East

Mansfield, OH 44903

Phone (419)589-3378

Station 81 provides the primary Emergency Medical  and Fire coverage for all areas of the Township, South of US RTE 30. This Station was built in 1953; an addition was added in 1979. This Station is staffed by 1 full-time Paramedic/Firefighter and 1 part-time personnel whom holds an EMS and Firefighter Certification, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Chief is on Station Monday - Friday, 0700hrs - 1500hrs. This Station houses 2 Engines, 2 ALS Ambulances and 1 Utility Vehicle.

 Engine 84 

 2008 Pumper/Tanker

  It serves as the Primary Fire Apparatus out of Station 81. It carries 1800 gallon of water. In addition to fire equipment, it carries extrication equipment for auto accidents. This apparatus is also first due on any auto accidents North of US RTE 30 in the Township. 



Engine 81 is a 1995 pumper/tanker.  It holds 1500 gallons of water.  It serves as the second fire response vehicle at Station 81 and the primary fire response vehicle for mutual aid fire calls.

 Engine 83 

1995 Pumper/Tanker. 

  It serves as the Second Out Fire Apparatus from Station 81.  It carries 1500 gallons of water. It is the Primary Mutual Aid Fire Apparatus from Station 81. 





Utility 81

2006 Chevy 2500

It serves as a chase vehicle. This truck also pulls our Hazmat Trailer. This truck rotates between stations, the summer months it is at Station 1 and during the winter months it is located at Station 2.